Justice Rises... Like Rain Falls

13 Rallies & We Called The Rain EVERY Time. NOW We Call Justice February 6th, 2020

Welcome 2 tha Dawn, Bravehearts.
We are offering limited membership in the New JProject Golden Circle Club. We believe that a small core group can make this final push for Justice in the Prince case and WIN. 

111 people. 111 Brave Souls who r 'Willing 2 Do The Work' to ensure Justice is anchored on the planet through the truth that is Prince Rogers Nelson. 

Make an investment in Justice, and in your future.

We are calling it like the rain babies - Justice4Prince comes February 6, 2020. And a Hollywood donor wakes up 2 the truth, sponsoring a trip to Hawaii in December 4 the TRUE BLUE Warriors who heard God speak & took action to make this happen

A $111 investment and $44/mo pledge secure your place as a VIP Warrior in this fight & your vacation accommodations 4 the Victory Lap.

We need ur support in every way. U were invited to join this group primarily because of your clear energy, focus, and sight. 

It ain't all about the money. P was very clear - 

Only TRUE FUNK SOLDIERS are called 2 join this crew.

ESPECIALLY since membership includes this trip to Hawaii when Justice comes. JProject has been seeing this trip since BEFORE P crossed. He is telling us the time is NOW.
And we want YOU 2 be there.

Golden Circle Membership Includes:

  • Live & On-Demand Access to all future J4P rallies, flashmobs, public actions & stunts ;)
  • Automatoc membership in the Rebel Hearts Mystery School
  • 1st look at all J4P & JProject media before it is made available to the public. 
  • 1 Monthly Private session with Abigial Noel or, the JProject healers (i.e. Camille Armenta, Barbara Jenice, Meg Brandt, Kristen Huntington etc. depending upon availability)
  • Exclusive house concert access, 
  • 'Luxury Vacation' (hahah) accomodations where available at Rallies, Flashmobs & Events
  • Priority status when applying for Flashmob Justice positions.

4 The True Funk Soliders..MUSICOLOGY - .

Join The Circle & BeOneOfTheTrueFew

TrueFunkSoldiers Grab Ur Gear! A Trip 2 Hawaii is very Near... This Is The Victory Lap & This Is Ur Chance 2  Make An Investment in Justice Now & Go2Hawaii next December As Testimony 2 That Faith... We Called The Rain, Here Comes Justice... JoinTheCircle2day

Projected Projects & Expenditures:

Add a footnote if this applies to your business

The $111 Initial Pledge

This is Ur EYE WOULD DIE 4 U Declaration.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

44 Monthly Pledge

Your support is more crucial than ever as we make this final push in our mission, Justice4Prince.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card