LosAngeles, CA January 21-31

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GodLoveTruth.. This Is Revelation

"For everything that you will say in darkness shall be heard in the light and whatever you whispered in an ear in an inner chamber will be preached on the rooftops.” Luke 12:3

J Project is a HumanRights & JusticeMinistry. We are passionately committed 2 bringing Justice & Freedom through Truth. Many of Us are aware now, that we as a culture... and not just America..Each and everyone of Us sharing this planet,  as a collective culture, has allowed  greedy corporations, run by Godless, self centered individuals take over. Ninety-seven percent of the population has stood by, while the other three percent steal our freedom... making us slaves 2 a system designed 2 benefit the privileged.

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The Illuminati has long understood, that their own survival hinges upon their ability 2 control influential individuals, especially those in Hollywood, and the US political system. Many of our favorite entertainers and political hero's have been made martyrs.  Murdered 4 their beliefs, non conformity, and/or what they knew... about who. We Know It's True... Isn't it TIME2TAKEaSTAND?

Prince was Murdered - Psychic Evidence ,

"Be brave, be bold, step up and make your own! The passion that lies inside of you means you do not need to follow the pack, because you transcend it." - Prince

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Murdered 4MusicRights & What He Knew


PrinceRogersNelson was Murdered 4 Music Rights, Money & What he knew about who. WarnerRecords received OneBillion dollars the day he died, payout from a life insurance policy. And let's not 4get that Prince had been embroiled in a very public legal battle with WarnerRecords over intellectual rights. 

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Our Political System, The Entertainment Industry, The Medical Industry, Holistic Doctors, Our Financial System, The Media and Even The Churches have long been controlled by a "ShadowGovt", who most often calls themselves the Illuminati.

If U Kno this is true... Isn't it time 2 take a stand? 

Illuminati, Kabal, ShadowGovt, OWO...


Founded in 1776, The Illuminati is real and it's members, most all elite, believe in a OneWorldOrder, as well as the need for chemical, biological, and war based, depopulation of the planet. Simply stated, THEY ARE KILLING US 4 THEIR PROFIT and calling it "the betterment of the planet." Enuf is Enuf.

RobinWilliams Was Murdered & This Man Is Responsible (CAA)


Video and Page On The Way... BryanLourd & CAA, We've Got A Rally 4 Robin On The Calendar...CU Soon

Eye Would Die 4 U JusticeRally held in LA Sept 21-31


This Is Our Second Rally in LosAngeles @ WarnerRecords 

And Our 9th Rally Total

Psychic Evidence & The Murder of Lorenzen Wright, NBA Star


Abigail's Channeled Reading On This Case Was 100% accurate... And She Is Every Bit As Accurate About Prince

ColdCase/Missing Persons


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